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Buying real estate is a great investment choice! At Integrity Realty & Investment Services, LLC.,  we have a long history of helping investors successfully purchase rental properties in the Austin  Metro areas. Having a Broker or Realtor® with investment experience to walk beside you and  help you navigate through the investment process to a successful transaction is very important.  We’ll help you find and secure your investment property, sift through the data we provide, run  investment numbers, and negotiate the contract. We can even help you secure a tenant or  recommend a property management company.

At Integrity Realty & Investment Services, LLC., we would be honored to walk beside  you as you start your investment portfolio or add to it. If you are ready to sell your investment  property, we can help you sell your property, too! Give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Investing in real estate is one of the most proven ways to build wealth. But what exactly  is real estate investing?

Real estate investing is the purchase of real estate. Real estate is essentially any piece of  land and property attached to that land. Anything natural or man-made that are a part of  this land, including trees, buildings, or fences, are considered real estate.

A property’s value appreciation and/or rental income are the two main methods of  making money in real estate. Of course, the goal is for both a positive cash-flow and  equity growth. Depending on the market, you may or may not see both in your  investment; however, historical data shows that your equity will increase over time if  you’re investing with the long-term approach.

The location of a property and the perceived desirability of a neighborhood or an area that is growing are important factors to consider when selecting a property.

To be a successful investor, you’ll need a strong Broker or Realtor® and their network of  professionals to rely on and walk beside you before, during and after your investment  purchase. Whether it’s your first or second, or tenth investment property, creating a  partnership and having an expert to ask advice or market opinions is very important.

Call the experts at Integrity Realty & Investment Services, LLC. to help you start or  grow your real estate portfolio today.

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We’d be delighted to work for you! It would be our privilege of walking you through the process of helping you find and secure a home you’re sure to be excited about.